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Nancy’s sense of “fancy” comes from within.
Nancy finds her own sense of style and to be creative in her surroundings.

She’s very much ‘do-it-yourself’ in a very empowering, original way.

Our show is really through the eyes of Nancy and all kids!

Add a little fancy to your party, and make your celebration Fantastique! 

Crafts, fashion show, games, and dance!

You can add Nancy's show to any of our packages at our location!

1-hour show - $250.00

Book Nancy's show at your location!

1-hour show - $280.00

$100.00 deposit will be required to book your party!



Deposit & Payment A Non-Refundable.  Deposit is required to reserve your character appearance. The deposit can be paid by Paypal. Balance due must be paid in Cash before the characters perform. Entertainers do not always have a change, so please try to have the exact amount at the time of payment due.

We understand unforeseen circumstances and cancellation of a party may be required. We will gladly reschedule your event at once. A booking fee of $25 to reschedule will be charged after a second date has been canceled. Rescheduling of any event must be made within 30 days of the initial event date.


*If the venue requires payment for parking, the customer is responsible for the charge.

*Remaining balance is due by the day of the event. Payment must be made PRIOR to the performance or your character will not perform.

*We accept payment cash only!  NO CHECKS!

*We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any visit due to severe weather conditions. (deposit will be reimbursed if the visit is canceled)

*We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for parties scheduled on holidays.


The remaining balance is due by the day of the event. Payment must be made PRIOR to the performance.


$10.00 travel fee over 15-25 miles 

$20.00 travel fee over 25-35 miles 

$30.00 travel fee over 35-45 miles

$50.00 travel fee over 45-55 miles 

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