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Kids Birthday Party

If You Want to Delight the Children at Your Kids Birthday Party with their Favorite Characters, Call Fairy Castle Entertainment Today!

At Fairy Castle Entertainment, we want your children to have the best time of their lives when they're having a birthday. We focus on providing high-quality kids birthday party support, so you can enjoy the day without any concerns. Our company travels across all 48 of the mainland states, so that you can easily get the characters you love to show up at your child's party!

We love creating themed parties for your child or children. We put on shows, have a princess salon and would love to create the perfect event for you. If you’re planning a party, we’d love to help. We can create customized children’s parties made specifically for your needs. We can include anything from magic, face painting, balloons sing-alongs, dancing, games and more! We have plenty of experience working with children of all ages, and we are high-energy entertainers who want to make sure the fun keeps coming.


Our charismatic performers are sure to leave your little one happy! Whether you’re interested in superheroes or princesses, variety characters or others, we’re here to help. Let’s get your party scheduled as soon as possible! Hire a character to your location or celebrate with us. Call today at 1 (224) 200-8439. You can speak with us online if you’d like to schedule, or you can schedule with us online directly. We have a gallery of images that you can browse to see our performers and the kind of work we do. Please continue to browse our page, and we’d love to talk to you soon on social media or through a contact form! We look forward to coming to your party and entertaining your guests soon.

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